Owala 40oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Water Bottle


  • 40oz stainless steel, insulated bottle
  • 2-in-1 lid lets you sip or swig
  • Removable, reusable straw
  • Right and left hand friendly
  • Splash-resistant lid
  • Double-wall insulation keeps drinks colder longer
  • Wide opening for cleaning and adding ice
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Dishwasher-safe lid and hand-washable cup
  • Warranty: Standard
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Discover the Owala 40oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Water Bottle, a game-changer in the world of hydration. This isn’t just a vessel; it’s a statement of style, convenience, and innovation. Let’s explore the features that set this tumbler apart:

1. Ample Capacity for Lasting Hydration:

The Owala 40oz Tumbler ensures fewer refills and more hydration, accommodating your daily water needs effortlessly. Stay refreshed throughout the day with this generous capacity.

2. Versatile 2-in-1 Lid:

Experience the freedom to sip or swig with the innovative 2-in-1 lid. Use the sturdy, reusable straw for a leisurely sip or remove it to enjoy a satisfying swig through the spout. Adapt your hydration style to your mood.

3. Removable, Reusable Straw:

The tumbler comes with a removable, reusable straw, providing a convenient and sustainable way to enjoy your favorite beverages.

4. Adjustable Handle for All:

Catering to both left-handed and right-handed individuals, the adjustable handle ensures a comfortable grip for everyone. Hydration is a personal experience, and Owala ensures it’s tailored to your preferences.

5. Perfect Travel Companion:

Designed to fit seamlessly into most cup holders, the Owala 40oz Tumbler is your ideal car companion. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of frequent refills during your journeys.

6. Splash-Resistant Lid:

The splash-resistant lid adds a layer of practicality, preventing accidental spills and ensuring a mess-free hydration experience.

7. Thermal Insulation for Extended Enjoyment:

Benefit from double-wall insulation that keeps your drinks hot or cold for an extended period. Enjoy your beverages at the perfect temperature throughout the day.

8. Easy to Clean:

Designed for your convenience, the Owala 40oz Tumbler is quick and easy to disassemble with minimal hard-to-reach surfaces. The lid and straw are dishwasher safe, ensuring effortless cleaning. For thorough cleaning, use the Owala 2-in-1 Water Bottle Brush (sold separately) for handwashing the cup.

9. Cup Holder Friendly Base:

Take your Owala 40oz Tumbler everywhere, thanks to its cup holder-friendly base. Stay hydrated on-the-go without compromising on convenience.

10. Specifications:

  • Dimensions (Overall): 12.1 Inches (H) x 5.82 Inches (W)
  • Features Dining: Drinking Spout, Insulated, BPA-Free
  • Lid Material: Silicone, Polypropylene
  • Capacity (Volume): 40 Ounces
  • Used For: Hot or Cold Beverages
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Care & Cleaning: Hand Wash

Elevate your hydration game with Owala. Experience the Owala 40oz Tumbler Stainless Steel Water Bottle—where style meets functionality in every sip. Choose Owala, choose excellence.

Usage guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Owala bottles so popular?

Owala’s FreeSip water bottle is a game changer in the field, mainly for its use of an easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe lid and straw, which also allows users to choose between “sip” and “gulp” functions. It boasts excellent insulation and comes in a huge variety of fun colorways.

Is Owala 40 oz dishwasher safe?

The cups are also technically dishwasher safe as well, but we strongly recommend you hand-wash them to maintain that beautiful finish. All parts are top-rack dishwasher Safe. Are Owala bottles microwave safe? The stainless-steel bottles should never be microwaved.

How big is 40 oz Owala?

40 oz.

water bottle stands at around 11.8 inches tall.

Is 40oz water bottle too big?

You should get a 40 ounces water bottle if you are spending more time outdoors or doing more strenuous activities. Generally, people who have more water needs and are serious about them can either get a 32 ounce or 40 ounce bottle. Both of them are good for workouts, outdoor sports, and heavier work.

How many 40oz water bottles should I drink?

If you’re judging your recommended water intake by the popular 40-ounce Stanley cups, women should drink a little less than two full tumblers a day, while men can drink about two and a half.

Is it okay to drink 40 oz of water a day?

Recommendations for kids have a lot to do with age: Children between 4 and 8 years old should drink 40 ounces per day, or 5 cups. This amount increases to 56 to 64 ounces, or 7 to 8 cups, by ages 9 to 13. For ages 14 to 18, the recommended water intake is 64 to 88 ounces, or 8 to 11 cups.

What are the benefits of drinking 40 oz of water a day?

It aids the process of flushing out toxins in our bodies. It preserves kidney function. It can prevent constipation. It keeps your joints lubricated, making you less at risk of sprains & strains.


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